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Integrative Approach

Lots of skills and tools to help you and your family

Forest Road

Integratively trained counselling

I can provide short and long term therapy using an approach which draws on many theories and concepts of counselling.

I provide a safe, confidential, supportive, inclusive space for you to bring any issues you are having and help you to

explore difficult thoughts and feelings.

You might be having problems with relationships, trying to process a loss or a change, or finding it difficult to make a big decision.

You might just want some extra support to help you through a tough time. 

Do you want to talk to someone about your identity? How YOU think about you? Do you want a safe space with someone

experienced in identity issues to unpick muddled thoughts? 

I am a trained Rewind Technique (trauma) Therapist.

I am also a trained NCFED therapist (eating disorders).

I see each client as an individual with different therapeutic needs. I work flexibly but with a focus on the relationship

between us and how we can work collaboratively.

I can offer therapy in the following ways:

face - face - from my private therapy room in Carshalton



text support

Image by Melissa Askew

Children and young people counselling

Many young people struggle with how they feel. They might be having problems with friends, family or school, they are anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know. They may have identity queries which they just want to talk out with someone.

I can help them talk things through, support them without making them feel judged, and in confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk).

I can help young people deal with issues and events and manage the effect this is having on their mental wellbeing. I work with young people who are struggling with things such as depression, identity issue or eating disorders for example.

I can help manage problems with anxiety, bereavement, bullying, anger, relationships, low self-esteem, and self-harm. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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