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Counselling Carshalton

Tracey Thompson - Counsellor working with Adults
Children and Young People

Now - offering sessions from the Live Well Centre in the heart of Carshalton Village

in addition to my private therapy room at home.

I hope that by reading about me and how I work you feel comfortable

enough to contact me for more information.

Maybe you are feeling anxious... worried... angry, like everything has got too much at the moment?

Are you having intrusive thoughts or nightmares which are troubling you?

Do you want to talk to someone about your identity? How YOU think about you?

Do you feel unheard, stigmatised, labelled and therefore ignored?

Or are you concerned about your child's mental health perhaps?

With the right help you can move on and live that brighter, shiner future you so deserve!


About Me


My name is Tracey Thompson and I am a qualified integrative inclusive counsellor.

Adult clients: I help clients break through barriers that hold them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I can help you learn and develop better ways to handle issues that are standing in the way of your goals. I have particular experience with vulnerable adults suffering from the effects of long-term abuse and trauma, such as intrusive thoughts and unhelpful coping habits. I can help you realise your full potential, know yourself better and love yourself more!

I am a trained Rewind Technique therapist.

Children and Young People: I have worked in schools, primary and secondary with vulnerable, scared and anxious children, of all ages. I am a place where you or your child can open up and learn to be themselves again, to drop the anxiety and to express themselves. It might be exam pressure, social media stress, friendship breakups: it doesn't matter what it is about, talking it out does help to relieve the stress.

Therapy dog - Ollie the Cockapoo can come into the room with you, to help relieve some of your anxieties or nerves.